Chef Marla’s Super Shit arein 5 Pack





Marla’s Super Shit-arein 5

Great gift for bunco, white elephant, gift basket and take instead of a bottle of wine.  PERFECT CORPORATE GIFT!

Marla’s Super Shit-arein 5 pack spice kit includes:


Bull Shit arein – Better in the kitchen than on the table. Use dry or on anything that will be grilled or roasted. Prime Rib, lamb, steaks, hamburgers, roasts, root vegetables & pork.  Mix with olive oil to make a wet rub.


Super Shit arein & No Shit arein – Throw out your salt & pepper & just use this.Great on baked potatoes, eggs, cottage cheese, french fries, chicken, fish, meat, grilled vegetables, sauteed vegetables, tortilla chips, tuna salad and more.


Chicken Shit arein – Designed for chicken, but everything else loves it too including eggs, soups & fish. Slight Italian spice flavor profile. Great in scrambled eggs with a little shredded cheese and also on breakfast potatoes.


Horse Shit arein –  A natural on prime rib, roasts & steaks. Incredible mixed with butter & spread on fish such as salmon or mahi mahi.  Mix with mayo for an aoli or with ketchup for a seafood dipping sauce.

Additional information

Weight 375 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in